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Welcome to our new website!

28 February, 2019
We are very pleased to welcome you to our new website!
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Accessible Services

Facility Accessibility

Include information about library accessibility here, including washrooms, parking, accessible computer stations, etc.

Accessible Library Services

Alberta library patrons who have trouble reading traditional print because of a visual, physical or learning disability can make use of accessible library services such as CELA/CAEB (Centre for Equitable Library Access/Centre d'accès équitable aux bibliothèques) and NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Service).

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

CELA is a national non-profit organization established by Canadian public libraries that enables libraries to serve their patrons who have a visual, learning or physical disability that prevents them from reading conventional print. CELA is supported by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC). 

Patrons with perceptual disabilities in Peace Library System libraries may request and borrow titles from CELA as long as the patron code in their patron account in Polaris is set to “Print Disabled”.

As a member of CELA, you have access to offer a broad choice of formats including audio, braille, e-text and described video, including:

  • Books, magazines, newspapers and described videos
  • Access to Bookshare, the world’s largest online library of accessible reading materials. Bookshare books can be downloaded to a computer, mobile device such as a smartphone and tablet, or braille displays.
  • A broad selection of genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s, young adult, business, self-help
  • A choice of delivery options: direct download to computer, handheld devices and DAISY player; CD and braille mailed to home

Public library patrons with a print disability may register themselves for CELA service.

National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

NNELS is an online public library which provides published books in accessible formats for Canadians with print disabilities.

Their goal is for patrons with perceptual disabilities to have access to the same types of books and information available in any public library, but in digital formats which are accessible for their needs. NNELS generally collects popular and recent material with a particular focus on Canadian literature. Additions to the constantly-growing NNELS collection are driven by patron requests and partner selections, as well as contributions including from publishers and alternate format producers.

The NNELS collection primarily holds English language titles but NNELS accepts requests in other languages, especially French. NNELS acquires and produces titles in numerous digital formats, including DAISY, MP3, PDF, E-text, and EPUB. When requesting a title, a patron may request it be produced in a particular format which is accessible to them. If the requested title and format is already commercially available elsewhere, NNELS may direct the patron’s library to purchase it; otherwise, they will produce the title and make it available on the NNELS website.

Patrons with perceptual disabilities in Peace Library System libraries may request and borrow titles from NNELS as long as the patron code in their patron account in Polaris is set to “Print Disabled”.

To request a title, visit the NNELS request form.

For tutorials and instructions on searching and downloading already existing NNELS titles, visit the NNELS Help Page

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Room Rentals

The library has one private meeting room that is available to the public to rent. Rental includes WiFi access, white board, fridge, stove, sink, and microwave. Please note: no utensils or cookware are provided.

Rental times occur during normal library operating hours. Events outside these times require special arrangements and third party insurance. 

Please email or call to book the rooms or check availability. 

Rental Room

Room Capacity



Theatre Style


Tables and Chairs


Rental Rates

Non-Profit Organizations

Business or Personal Use

Rate per hour



Rate per day (8 hours or more)



Extra cleaning




Billed at cost

Billed at cost

Video conferencing equipment rental

$XX/hr (max $XX)

$XX/hr (max $XX)

Projector and screen



White board marker set



Flip chart, paper, and markers



Table and chair setup

No charge

No charge

Please note that to qualify for a non-profit rate you will be required to provide your organization's non-profit number.

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Computers and the Internet

Public Computers

List how many public workstations you have available and the terms by which people are allowed to use them. 

If you have an Computer Use Policy, or different rules for childrens workstations versus adult workstations, include that info here.

Visit Scanning, Printing, Copying and Faxing for more. 

Internet and WiFi

We offer free internet access on our public computer workstations and Wifi for your mobile devices. To log in to the WiFi, enter your library card barcode and PIN. 

If you have an Internet Use Policy, include that here.

Tech Loans

If you make iPads or other pieces of technology available for public use or loan, include that info here as well as any related policies and procedures.


If you have a 3D printer, robotics kits, or other "Makerspace" available for public use or loan, include that info here as well as any related policies and procedures.

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ELL Support

Language Learning

Our library has access to two language learning platforms: Pronunciator and Transparent Language Online. These are language learning systems that patrons can use on the computer and work through at their own pace. 

There are both foreign language and ELL courses available through both Pronunciator and Transparent Language Online. 

ELL Programs and Groups

Do you host any ELL programs or groups? Include that information here.

If you have any local community organizations who support ELL learning, include their links here as well. 

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Does your library have a bookmobile? Include info about it and the schedule here.

Home Delivery

Does your library provide delivery to homebound patrons? Include info about it here, including how to sign up for the service.

Homeschool Services

Do you provide special services for homeschool families and institutions? Include info about it here.

Senior Outreach

Do you provide outreach such as programs or delivery to seniors centres? Include info about it here.

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Book Sale

Does your library host an annual book sale? Include a blurb about what's included and when it is usually held here.

Does your library have a regular book sale shelf or table? Include info on what's included here.

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Interlibrary Loan

Your library card gives you access to materials from across the province! 


TRAC (The Regional Automation Consortium) is a partnership of Marigold Library System, Northern Lights Library System, Peace Library System, Yellowhead Regional Library, and their member libraries. Your library is a member of TRAC.

TRAC's shared catalogue, TRACpac, allows you to search the holdings of over 170 libraries with nearly three million books, DVDs and other material available for borrowing. With your TRAC card, you can borrow library materials, access eResources, place holds, and renew items through TRACpac.

TAL Online

If you can't find what you're looking for through TRACpac, try TAL OnlineTAL Online is a provincial wide discovery service which allows users to discover and request physical library items from libraries across Alberta, including academic and special libraries.

TAL Card

A TAL Card enables Albertans to walk into over 300 public, post-secondary and government ​special ​libraries across the province, borrow material, and return it to any participating library. The TAL card is the only program that allows cross-sectoral borrowing (such as a member of a public library borrowing from an academic library, and vice versa).

It is free to register for a TAL Card, which you can request from library staff at your home library. TAL Card users have access to the same walk-in borrowing privileges as local library card holders. Borrowed materials can be returned at any TAL member library.

Me Libraries

ME Libraries is the initiative which allows patrons to take their library card to any public library in Alberta that is part of the provincial network. Patrons planning on visiting a library and checking out a book in person can register to do so via ME Libraries. 

You can register via, using your library card barcode and PIN. Once you are logged in, you can choose at which public libraries you would like to register. Once you have registered your card at another public library, your will be able to use that public library as any other local library patron. 

A list of participating libraries can be found on the ME Libraries website

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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy

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Terms of Use

These are the terms of use

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