Board of Trustees

MD of Greenview Library Board

Tom Burton, Chairperson

Josh McMillan, Vice-Chair

Michelle Davis, Secretary/Treasurer

Jessica Lavalee, Trustee

Christine Schlief, Trustee

Judy Smith, Trustee

Sharon Bambrick, Trustee

Beverly Plamondon-Street, Trustee

Roxanne Perron, Trustee

Josefina B. Stoness, Trustee

The board was formed by a Bylaw of the Municipal District of Greenview.

The mandate is to ensure adequate library services are provided to the residents of the Municipal District of Greenview.

Board meetings are held monthly, rotating between Grande Cache, Grovedale, DeBolt, and teleconference calls.  

For more information on the Library Board, please contact the Library at (780) 827-2081.