Policies, Plans, and Reports

Our Policies

Patron Code of Conduct


  1. The library is to be open free of charge for library purposes at the hours posted.  No person using the library shall:
  • Create any unnecessary disturbance for other library users and staff and/or contravene board policy
  • Take away any item from the library unless the item has been properly checked out in agreement with the procedures established for the circulation of library items.
  • Go into or stay in the library except during those time periods chosen for public use.
  • Solicit other library users or staff for personal, commercial, religious or political reasons.

     2. Except with the permission of the Library Manager, no person shall:

  • Consume food or drink
  • Bring any animal, other than an aid dog, into the library
  • Bring a wheeled vehicle or conveyance, other than a wheelchair or walker, baby carriage or stroller, into the library

    3.  Persons who do not act in accordance with this policy shall be asked to put an end to their actions. If the action continues or the seriousness of the action justifies it, library staff will direct the person to leave the building and/or library staff may ask for outside assistance, including contacting local law enforcement officers.

    4. All persons using the library shall comply with applicable public health regulations.

    5.  No Member of the public is to be left in the library building for any purpose without a staff person or member of the Board present at all times.  Grande Yellowhead School Board Division staff shall have access to the building in relation to building concerns. Law enforcement officers or fire fighters may have access to the building under special circumstances.

  • Unattended Child Policy
  • Internet Use Policy
  • Violence and Harassment Policy
  • All other policies

Our Plan of Service

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Our Annual Report

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